August 2016

Red Creatures Redux (2)
Red Creatures Redux (2)

LOTS of great news to report!

Thank you for browsing through my beautiful new website. I am very grateful to Stephanie Krimmel of Krimmelworks for her expertise, wisdom and patience during this process. Please let me know what you think at

I had a fantastic studio sale over two weekends in March 2016. Many thanks to all of you who came. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my home, studio and art with people from all corners of my life. I am happy to have studio visits if you are interested and I love to do commissions.

White Creatures (2)
White Creatures (2)

I have new work on paper (see above and below) which will be available at Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Gallery beginning in early August 2016. SAM Gallery is run by the inimitable Jody Bento. It is a great space which both rents and sells local artists’ work. Jody recently told me that she loves getting up everyday, knowing that she is going to make money for artists. What a great way to start the day! I am very pleased to be showing at SAM Gallery.

I will be going to the Vermont Studio Center in the small rural town of Johnson, Vermont this fall for a month long artist residency. I am so excited to have this opportunity to focus on my work in such a beautiful setting, to meet other artists,and to experiment and create new work.


October 2015

“Hippocampus”, 2006, ink on panel

Read an interview of Cathy Sarkowsky by Moss+Mineral in conjunction with the Tacoma Studio Tour on Saturday, Oct. 17, 11-5.

September 2011

Whose Picture is It?: Bumber by Number at Bumbershoot
by GARY FAIGIN on Sep 13, 2011

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